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The University of Texas at El Paso

Memorial Gym Fitness Lab Renovation

The University of Texas at El Paso called on OOMA to help with a renovation to accommodate a kinesiology fitness lab. This lab is used for several programs including the Golden Age fitness program that helps people over 55 maintain bone density, core strength and balance as well as general health and mobility. The lab needed to move from a small one-story building to the Annex Gym in Memorial Gym, a 1960’s arena building in order to make way for a new parking garage. Time and funding were limited.


The preferred solution incorporated a large easily supervised fitness space for both cardio, strength and conditioning equipment, office for five researchers, storage, and a turf area. New sports finishes needed to be installed. After significant evaluation, it was agreed that the most durable and affordable solution for flooring was to remove the existing wood gym floor and place specialty sheet rubber on the existing concrete slab. 


Mechanical concerns were addressed using large ceiling fans to dramatically improve air flow eliminating the need for additional cooled air. Working closely with vendors, the team identified materials that could be affordably delivered and installed within the schedule.

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